DESIGN TO NURTURE THE PLANET by BE OPEN is part of the Cumulus Green 2022 programme and runs in conjunction with their Nurturing Our Planet competition.

The competition invites students to consider submissions that advance the United Nations’ Sustainable Goals (SDG).

The competition aims to bring the talent and creativity of the global community to focus on SDG2: Zero Hunger. Under the umbrella of zero hunger, SDG2 is not only about ending hunger, but also achieving food security and improved nutrition and promoting sustainable agriculture. DESIGN TO NURTURE THE PLANET is open to all art, design and media disciplines and calls for innovative solutions that can contribute to how we transform our food systems to end food insecurity and create better conditions for an equitable and environmentally prosperous world.

Why SDG #2 and Zero Hunger?

Experts agree that after decades of steady decline, the number of people who suffer from hunger – as measured by the prevalence of undernourishment – began to slowly increase again in 2015. Today, the world is not on track to achieve Zero Hunger by 2030. If recent trends continue, the United Nations estimates that the number of people affected by hunger would surpass 840 million by 2030. The situation is of great urgency: according to the World Food Programme, 135 million suffer from acute hunger largely due to man-made conflicts, climate change and economic downturns. The COVID-19 global pandemic has only accelerated the problem for the world’s poorest people.


BE OPEN and Cumulus are happy to provide a chance for the next generation of committed designers to be recognized on an international stage. BE OPEN and Cumulus will jointly reward the best work with the following monetary prizes as well as with honorary mentions.

  • First prize — €10,000

  • Second prize — €6,000

  • Third prize — €4,000

  • BE OPEN Founder’s Choice prize — €3,000

  • Public Vote prize — €2,000

Please note that the 3 prize categories of winning submissions will not necessarily correspond to the 3 formats invited (products, services and systems). This means that the jury will decide amongst the strongest submissions and evaluate entries first and foremost based on the criteria for submissions outlined.